Oak Lodge Animals

 While you are Oak Lodge you will be able to meet our animals!

Every morning at 10am is Animal Hour where you can come and experience feeding and petting the animals. You can also hose down the pigs, hand feed the goats and chickens and say hello to the snake. Animal Hour is run by Mathilda, who can tell you all about the animals. This is a great experience for all children to get up close to all sort of animals, native and not, and it’s for children of all ages!  Our animals cost a lot to look after so we have listed this experience as an extra that you can choose when booking. The cost is just £15 per tent per stay and you can join in Animal Hour as much as you like. 

Our animals:

Winnie & Agnes are KuneKune pigs. KuneKune pigs are very hairy with a rotund build, and are docile and friendly. They are from New Zealand and the name KuneKune is a Maori word meaning ‘fat’ and ’round’. Winnie & Agnes came from a loving home but a change in circumstances meant that they had to be re-homed.

Pumba is a Gottingen Minipig. Her breed was developed for biomedical research by cross breeding the Minnesota minipig, Vietnamese PotBelly Pig and the Landrace pig. Pumba is from a rescue centre.

Winston and Willow are the pygmy goats. A miniature breed of goats that love jumping on their trampoline and walking on their hind legs, and are partial to a cheeky gingernut biscuit or two.

Sir Merlin Hiss is a 3 year old Royal Python snake from the savanna of Western & Central Africa. They are also known as Ball Python because they curl into a ball when frightened. The royalty of Africa used to have living snakes draped around themselves for decoration. Royal, or Ball Pythons come in many different varieties of colour, these are called Morphs.

Master Oogway is a marginated tortoise. These tortoises originated in Greece and Italy. He is from a local tortoise expert, who homes rescue tortoises. Master Oogway is 22 years old, he was originally used for breeding but is now retired.

 Mr Bojangles, Dakota and Amber, The horses are family pets

Cruella, Big Ben, Igor, Noah, Speckle Our Guinea Fowl are called , they sleep in the oak tree in the animal yard

Donald and Daisy are  2 white Call Ducks; . They are called Call Ducks because they used to be bred for hunting, where their especially loud calls and quacks would attract wild ducks towards the hunters.

Archie, Buffy & Emilia They are frizzle X  geese.  They are the guardians of the staff quarters, and spend their days chasing the staff about, but away from their territory and on the campsite they turn into very friendly geese.

The Chickens all have their own residences:

In Peckingham Hall we have 4 Polish hens (with pom-poms on their heads) they are called Yves, Coffee, Mrs Blue and Midnight

Yolk Lodge Pen houses our mixed layers Morticia, Rosie, Nutter, Disco Dave, Peregrine, Enigo, Mercury.

Cluckingham Palace is home to 2 Aruncuna chickens; Sid and Nancy

UPDATE: ALL NOW RELEASED!! Due to the extreme drought of  2022, we have rescued some of the site’s plentiful hedgehogs and are keeping them until they are a healthy weight to release back onto our field. We currently have Munch and Spike staying with us.

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